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sh-daniela-lt-portrait-shotLucky Things is about enjoying a mix of life and style as an individual as well as a little family. It’s also about sharing stories and top tips on juggling your career, confidence, wellbeing, family, life and style.

With over 15 years corporate experience in HR, people development and coaching, I have successfully helped others to learn more about how they can lead their careers and grow their confidence. Every part of my career kaleidoscope has led to the next, growing amazing networks and taking up opportunities to work with some incredible people. My career has spanned across working in magazines, fashion, music industry, HR and corporate city life. I now run my own HR consultancy Collective Insight.

I’m a connector. I connect people with others and also with things they might enjoy. I set up the Lucky Things Meet Ups as social and networking opportunities in London where women could also take something away for their own personal development. More are planned for this year and they are sell-out events. Check out #LuckyThingsMeetUp on Instagram to see the feedback.

IMG_1633Life isn’t always straightforward so even more reason to celebrate and share lucky things that make us smile.We made it through a long and unpredictable journey ending up with two IVF daughters. Blogging is also a platform to increase awareness and support for the IVF journey.

A little more about the H-crew… Me and my husband Mr H live in our forever changing city of London and we love showing it off to our little people, a 3 year old ‘Big Munch’ and a one year old ‘Toddler Munch’. Big Munch is a busy three-year old and loves being creative and hanging out with her little friends. Baby Munch loves exploring new toys, trying out new foods and making a mess! As a family, we love being creative, out and about in London or weekends away in the UK.


It’s been great having a few shout-outs or being featured in interviews or guest posts on other websites:

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Mothers Meetings Confidence Conference – November 2016

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Motherhood The Real Deal: What it’s really like going through IVF

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Enjoy Lucky Things…

x Sunita

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment below about what you think of the blog.

And now for the boring bit but I really love my blog…
All content on this site is the original work of Sunita Harley so please don’t borrow, reproduce, copy or sell text or photos for any purpose without express written consent. 
It’s really lovely when people feature LINKS back to posts on Lucky Things Blog but please add a credit our shout-out to Lucky Things Blog. It’s also lovely when people pin my articles or photos on Pinterest as they are automatically acknowledging the work of Lucky Things Blog.
Unless credited, all photos featured on the posts are my own images. From time to time, people may want to borrow images from Lucky Things Blog so please seek my permission first. Thank you to my various cameras for helping me to capture lucky things along the way. Right, mini-lecture over and now you can carry on exploring Lucky Things….

13 thoughts on “More about me

  1. Sunita says:

    Thanks Samara for your lovely comment. Being open and talking about “vulnerable’ things is a big thing. But I love sharing how I feel about things and hope others reading my posts as much as I love writing them. Enjoy lucky things xx


  2. Fejal Patel says:

    I really enjoy following Lucky Things.
    As a new mum back at work, there are so many relevant, interesting blogs which I find very useful, informative and reassuring!
    I love the fashion blogs too, especially the tips.
    Your style is very relaxing to read but informative, open and refreshing at the same time. The way you have shared your personal stories is admirable.
    Please keep it up as it makes my train journey to and from work so much more enjoyable! X


  3. Kimberly Allan says:

    I like to read Lucky Things at the 3am feed – it’s so refreshingly ‘normal’ and that’s meant as a compliment! A lot of parenting blogs and mummy info out there is cheesy or patronising, but I find Sunita incredibly honest, natural and easy to read with familiar experiences to me. Love the touch of glam that it brings to my middle of the night duties too! 😀


    • Sunita says:

      Hey Kimberly, thanks so much for leaving your honest comment (especially when I know you must be so busy and you have a little one to feed and cuddle!). So glad Lucky Things offers some happy reading as well as a bit of fun style in the middle of the night. Wishing you lots of lucky things x


  4. beautybythegreen says:

    Hi Sunita, Thankyou for commenting on my post and therefore introducing me to your blog! It’s fab and very inspiring. I look forward to reading your posts! I will admit right now that I am not the best blogger, still very fledgling and sometimes I don’t spend as much time as I should writing posts or reading posts but life’s so busy with a small person and everything else! I guess I haven’t figured out how to do it all yet 😂
    All the best, Laura at BBTG -X-


    • Sunita says:

      Hey Laura – well all I can say is what is a good blogger?? Is there such a thing. The great thing about blogging is that we set the rules (they’re our blogs). Ah lovely to hear what you think of Lucky Things – thanks for that.
      If you’re around the London area you should check out the Lucky Things Meet Ups. A really nice crowd is coming along in January. Nice to have met you over at the #coolmumclub Keep in touch! xx Sunita


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